• 1 avenue de l'hopital

    Epagny Metz - Tessy - BP 90074 74374 Pringy Cedex

Bus access

Annecy hospital is served by several bus lines.

Lines 3, 6, 10, 11, 33 and J, K, O (Noctibus) have a stop right to the hospital main entrance

(Stop Hospital).


3 and 10 lines pass close to the psychiatric units and Technical Center and Logistics (stop Hospital Fier).

For more information : site de la SIBRA

Coming by car

  • via the A41 (Chambéry - Geneva) - Exit Annecy North

  • via the urban expressway Annecy

  • via the industrial island area (zone industrielle des îles)

The parking

360 parking spaces are reserved for consultations and visitors. The parking price is in charge of visitors and medical consultation,day and night, including Sundays and holidays.

Parking ticket can be paid either at to the automatic pay boxes located in the central lobby (level 4) or near the parking exit.

There is a subscription system or prepaid cards, at a special rate for people with a high frequency of use or long periods of stay. They are delivered in the central office security.


Warning: access to parking can be difficult especially in the early afternoon when the influx of consultation is the most important. Feel free to choose an alternative mode of transport if you can.


Adresse postale

1 avenue de l'hôpital
Epagny Metz-Tessy - BP 90074
74374 Pringy Cedex

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